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NSP-HEPA-PRO-FLTR Zogics Replacement Air Filters Medical Grade H13 Hepa Filter | 2 FILTERS

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For your NSpire Pro Premium Air Purifier, are you looking for replacement H13 HEPA air filters? High-Efficiency HEPA composite filter screens are available from us, and we advise replacing your HEPA filters every 3000 hours (about every 125 days of continuous operation). Please be aware that each filter change requires the use of both of the filters included in this replacement set.

The NSpire Pro Premium Air Purifier System also provides a replacement reminder for your H13 HEPA filters (and cleans the primary effect filter). The indicator lights on the panel will light up when the machine reaches the specified time, indicating that it's time to replace your filter.

What’s Included:

  • Two (2) H13 HEPA filters

A reminder on overall filter maintenance for the NSpire PRO Premium Air Purifier system:
Remove the plug from the socket and turn off the power to change the H13 HEPA air filter screen. Remove the primary effect filter screen by opening the rear cover. Remove the HEPA composite filter screen from the machine frame by the panel replacement indication, replace the filter screen in the frame one at a time, and then reinstall the filter components on the purifier.

Main effect filter screen: You should clean this filter every two to three months when using it ordinarily (cleaning frequency is decided by wind speed, air pollution degree, and accumulative time). If you don't clean frequently, your NSpire PRO Premium won't function as effectively. While you're changing your H13 HEPA filter, it's handy (and a good idea) to clean this filter.

Switch off the power and take the plug out of the socket to clean the primary effect filter screen. Take hold of the handle, position your pull outward, and raise the rear cover to remove the purifier. Holding the two slides, gently pull off the principal effect filter screen while being careful not to cause any dust to fly.

If the dust is particularly unclean, it can be washed with water or detergent and then installed back onto the purifier after drying. (Avoid bending while cleaning to prevent harm.)

Put the HEPA composite filter screen, primary effect filter screen, and front cover in their proper places, then insert the inserted pieces into the appropriate card slots before closing the front cover. Connect the power, then reset the filter screen, press and hold the key for 5 seconds while the power is ON.


Replacement H13 HEPA air filter effectively purifies particles, viruses, and bacteria in the air
Removes odors and harmful gases
Captures 99.97% of airborne particles


Filter Type: Medical Grade H13 HEPA Filter
Quantity: 2 Filters


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